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It is essential that all fair bookings are made on the Booking Form. All bookings are taken on the understanding that you have read, and agree to abide by our ‘Terms and Conditions’ as posted here.

Communications and acknowledgements between The Organiser and the Trader will primarily be through email.

A £10 non- refundable deposit for each table at each fair, will be required at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due on the day of the fair.

All bookings will be provisional until the booking form and deposit or full payment is received to confirm and secure your table reservation.

Late bookings will be considered 7 days or less from the fair date, may be taken at the discretion of The Organiser, but full payment of the table monies will be required at the time of booking in this instance.

Any non-arrival or late cancellations (less than 7 days before the fair date) will lose the non-refundable deposit. reserve the right to decline further bookings from any Trader until payment has been made on any outstanding table fees.


We accept the following forms of payment:

Bank or BACS Transfer

Credit/Debit Card

Cash on the day before 13:00hrs

Pricing for 2024 - Sales Tables and Demonstration Tables

One table costs £60.00 - Multiple tables are all charged at the same rate. No discounts will apply for multiple tables.

A demonstration table costs £30.00. One Demo table per Trader with a maximum of 2 demo tables at any one fair.

(Demo tables are allowed to have 50% available for selling items within the table size).

Shows scheduled for 2024, will also incorporate 1:12th, 1:24th and smaller scale miniatures that will be available to the customers.

Traders will be supplied with venue location and postcode, fair details and a copy of the proposed floor plan for each show booked, these will be sent by email to the contact details we hold for you. Occasionally, last minute changes may have to be made; so on the fair day, your Trader pack indicates your final table placement.

From time to time we may wish to take pictures of your stock and stand, with a view to publishing them on our website, or in any printed material that we use for the promotion or publicity for our events. Please notify The Organiser if you wish to not allow photography.

Venues have different table sizes and their widths vary, but they are around 2'6" wide. You may bring boards to standardise the width of the table. The prices we have quoted are for a standard table of 6ft, if you require an alternative size, the cost will be calculated pro-rata.  

Please be aware that all venues have a non-smoking/vaping policy, which will be reinforced by The Venue. All smokers must be a minimum of 5 meters away from all entrances and exits.

No Dogs, except guide and assistance dogs, are allowed in the Fair Rooms.

Our insurance forbids defacing any walls at any venue, so it must be mentioned that putting up notices / boards and advertisements is not sanctioned by The Organiser and you could face a fine of up to £250.

On the Booking Form Traders are requested to give an accurate account of the stock they will be selling and the percentage of imported stock. This description will be used to facilitate your placement at the fair. Only the goods you have declared beforehand will be sanctioned for your table and you may be asked to remove unauthorized items.

Exhibitors must not knowingly bring to the fair or offer for sale any item that has been copied from the copyright designs of (an) other craftsperson(s), stolen or that is restricted by contractual agreements elsewhere. Where legal action has been initiated in respect of such infringements, the alleged perpetrator must not bring the item(s) in dispute to the fair. The Organisers and The Venue (their servants or agents) will not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss of business sustained by any exhibitor. This or any other exclusion(s) of items that The Organiser, at their discretion may deem to be prudent, should satisfy themselves that they are not infringing copyright law in any way whatsoever. Exhibitors must not do anything or display any item(s) that could bring the event, The Organiser, or The Venue into disrepute.

No large boxes, tubs or containers holding stock for sale, are permitted next to, beside, or underneath your table. No side tables or chairs to be used to display stock. Tables at the rear of your stand to cash and wrap are not a problem, space permitting. Please be aware, if you erect any boxes or tables, you will be asked to remove them, unless they have been agreed with The Organiser beforehand.

(Please do not ask at the show as the answer will be no, and a refusal often offends).  

The Organiser requests each Trader make an effort to display and present their goods and items for sale in a professional manner to the public, in order to keep the standards of the fair as high as possible.

All stands will have 2 chairs supplied and access to an electrical point, for lighting and cash tills (not kettles) but it may be appropriate to bring an extension cable. Please bring a suitable cloth to cover your table.

Most venues for MiniatureFairs will open to the Trader’s at 08:00hrs to set up, with the Fair opening at 10.30am. The Fairs will then close at 15:00hrs. We would therefore request that no Trader break down their stand until the end of the fair, unless advised by The Organiser. However, discreet tidying up behind is permitted. Where evening functions are held after our Fairs, it may be necessary to vacate The Venue by 16:30hrs -17:00hrs, but you will be advised of this before the show.

Where possible, we will provide free tea and coffee to Traders on the day of the fair. Please bring your own mugs and help yourself. (Westgate Hall, Canterbury one cup free of charge via voucher).

On arrival at fair, you will find a “Trader Pack” on your table, this not only indicates this is your table for the day, but it also includes:

Your invoice for the balance of monies owed for the fair

A rubbish bag

Any news/information pertinent to the show or to MGM Fairs or Fairs

Small bags of sweets/chocolate, in case of need.

Exhibitor badge (returnable).

The monies for the balance of your table should be placed inside the invoice envelope provided, sealed and returned to The Organiser by 13:00 on the day of the fair. Anyone requiring a receipt should ask when handing over the envelope.

Free car parking is available at most venues, although you may be requested to move your vehicle before the show opens to assist customer parking for the show. With Covid rules now relaxed, please take whatever personal precautions, you feel are necessary.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel any show, if certain criteria have not been met! Any deposits taken for that show will be refunded. The Organiser also reserves the right to refuse a Trader attendance at their shows, if compliance with these terms are not met or breached.

Rebecca Egan - Fair Organiser

25 August 2023